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What Happened to operated online from 2006 until February 2014.

VizyAcky was the Houdini Visual Effects teaching of Garman Herigstad (me).  As more "free" tutorials were uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, good or bad, it became difficult for me to compete with free.

And as the industry has been lured away from the USA to Canada, UK, New Zealand, the enrollment of American students diminished.

In the last year of I gained many new students were from South America, UK and Denmark, Germany, Spain and elsewhere Europe and around the world.   This was a very good group of students, eager to learn with lots of good questions.   It was hard for me to end my teaching because I enjoyed watching them learn.  Financially it became difficult for me to continue to provide the service.

Changes to simulation based solutions has become the main of many students wanting to learn Houdini, as well as the 'requirement' when studios look for Houdini people.  While simulations are impressive, they do not spur the same kind of enthusiasm I had when creating my own procedural effects, or designing the look and effects for a TV commercial.  

I will miss the teaching and the interaction with students.  Leading someone to discovery has always been a job for me, and I've been fortunate to have had some extremely talented and pleasurable students.



What is Garman Doing Now?

A Return to Design, Drawing and Hand Lettering

I'm excited to return to the design and creative work which was a big part of the first fifteen years of my CG career.  My interested to learn technology was always to make images.  I forced myself to learn new tools in order to create the kinds of images saw in my mind.

Software GUI tools and programming are a bit like the pencils, pens, straight edges and paper I used to make art.   Used with skill they can create interesting images.  And that's my main love.

It was my air brushed hand lettering and calligraphy which got me my first job in 3D.  Back when the company would pay YOU to learn the software.  PPS in Cincinnati Ohio made an investment in me, paying my salary for several months as I learned how to operate the Bosch FGS 4000.  (We were called Bosch Operators, then, not animators.)

Now I'm returning to the hand lettering and drawing which has always been the interest which drives my work.


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Sample Video which is now on YouTube.

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Vizy Acky Particles Lecture Intro Intro as Seen on YouTube: